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Grand Opening Event Craze

Opening your own business is extremely exciting, yet it can be quite the undertaking. From writing a business plan and funding, to proper licensing and hiring employees, it can be exhausting. Though, with all of this hard work, you are definitely granted bragging rights! Why not show off your masterpiece by hosting a grand opening event? This is a way for your customers, partners, friends and family to see what you have to offer while creating a memorable and positive experience. So, strut your stuff and watch your dream come to life!

With that being said, there are a handful of questions you should ask yourself when planning a grand opening:

What are your goals?

AWARENESS. Your grand opening is your first big opportunity to market your business – take full advantage of this!

CULTURE. Let attendees know what your company stands for - the event should revolve around this theme.

RELATIONSHIPS. Get to know your attendees - you want them to become your "regulars".

What is your budget?

You have invested thousands of dollars into your business, a few more thousand will get foot traffic into your door from the get-go! Costs to consider aside from the actual event: marketing the event, branding, door prizes, giveaways, etc. Also, plan for media - you will want to have a media release sent via mediums that best fit your audience. We want to know you are the 'hot new thang' on the block!

Who is your target audience? What are your attendance expectations?

Think about your product/service; the people that purchase your product/service is who you want attending this event. Other questions to consider: Is this a public or private event? Are there tickets? How many people are you expecting? Are local dignitaries invited? Is this a family event?

When should the event be held?

Always check the calendar for conflicts – holidays, other community events, etc. If having local dignitaries present is important to you, you will need to check with their schedule. The mayor is extremely busy so it's best to get on their calendar ASAP for a ribbon cutting, speech, etc.. Also, don't worry – the grand opening event does not need to be the first day your business opens!

Need assistance with planning your grand opening? Contact the experts at STEP//Group:

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