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Hoppin' Easter Ideas

Did Easter sneak up on you this year? Us too. It feels like New Years was just a few weeks ago. Yet, Spring has sprung, and Easter is just a few days away. If you are just realizing Easter is on Sunday, it's not too late to organize a family and/or friends get-together! Here are a few ideas to throw a last minute celebration:

DIY decor is easier than you think! And, generally, looks super cute! Some of our favorites are:

  • Paint chip Easter garland: Run over to your nearest home improvement store (Lowe's, Home Depot, etc.) and pick up various samples of paint chips. All you have to do is stencil and cut the paint chips into an egg shape, and string them together! Are eggs not your style? Try a bunny stencil instead and use a hole-punch for the eyes and nose to glue on.

  • Candy filled vases: Simple, colorful, and cute. Easter M&Ms, jelly beans, and Peeps can be found at any grocery or convenience store. Fill up candle holders, glasses, or vases with your favorite candies and Peeps. Then, all you have to do is add tulips or colorful flowers to brighten the room!

  • Bunny ear napkins: Pick up some pastel colored napkins in the party section, follow the steps within the link, and get to foldin'! Paper napkins or starchy cloth napkins will work best for this. Colored napkins can be found at Party City, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, etc.

Kids LOVE Easter. Probably mostly for the chocolate, so why not try something different, yet fun?

  • Paint filled eggs: Poke a hole in an egg and empty it so you can fill the egg shell with paint. Once filled, cover with the matching colored tissue paper and glue onto the egg. Grab a canvas or poster board and you'll have kids throwing paint filled eggs and making art!

  • Coupon Easter egg hunts: Instead of the chocolate filled eggs, why not give your kids some free passes? For example, "Get out of chores pass", "Stay up an extra hour later pass", "Watch TV pass", etc.

Spruce up your Easter feast with a few fun and festive treats!

  • Easter chick deviled eggs: Deviled eggs are seen often on Easter, but not in this form. Add a 'lil Easter spirit to your foods! Follow the linked recipe to make edible cuteness!

  • Fruit & peep kabobs: Peeps overtake all grocery stores, so let's incorporate it into your meal! No silverware or plates needed - easy to eat and clean up.

  • Bunny pancakes: Surprise your loved ones with some bunny shaped pancakes on Easter morning. Add sliced bananas and chocolate chips to create texture in the bunny feet! An alternative would be to make pancakes in the shape of an egg, cut the pancake in a zig zag formation with kitchen sheers, cook and place scrambled eggs above one side of the pancake for the chicks head and add two chocolate chips for the eyes.

  • Rice Krispie nests. Make Rice Krispie treats in a muffin pan, add some edible grass and Robbin eggs to complete the snack! See the link for recipe details.

Organzing last minute get-togethers can be hectic with your busy schedule. Remember you can always call on the professionals at STEP//Group! 402.980.5199

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