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Event Planning Do's & Don'ts

Event planning etiquette is ever-changing, which makes it a delicate task for the hostess. Following these few guidelines of do's and don'ts will help you host a successful event!


We suggest sending out invitations four weeks in advance. Schedules fill up rather quickly, but sending invites too early could result in being forgotten or overseen. Of course, depending on the size of event, this could change. For example, for events where people will be flying in to attend, it's best to give guests additional time to make travel arrangements. On the other hand, if it's a small, casual gathering, a couple weeks in advance should suffice.


As a hostess, it is your responsibility to make sure everyone feels comfortable and is enjoying their time. Even if you believe guests already know each other, reintroduce them and perhaps break the ice with something you know they both have in common.


Avoid serving foods that will give guests unpleasant breath. Onions, garlic, and the like can make socializing repulsive for both parties. If you must serve with those types of foods, offer mints or gum for afterwards.


Music sets the mood for your event. Before choosing the playlist, think about the ambiance and the theme. Ask yourself, "Does this flow with the event?" For example, if you are having a dinner party, it would be in your best interest to not play upbeat-dancing music.


Be clear as day on what guests need to do upon arrival. Notify guests of transportation, parking, attire, and the like. If some of the items don't need to be addressed until the day of, signage and signage placement will help immensely! The less questions, the better!


Always have a back-up plan. It is inevitable that there will be a small hiccup the day of, so have all of your bases covered. Know what you will do if inclement weather occurs, etc.

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