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Fun at Wedding Essential's Idea Show

What a successful event we were a part of recently! The 2015 Idea Show by Wedding Essentials Magazine was held on Sunday, October 18, 2015 at the Mid-America Center. Many local vendors gathered to show off their products and services to hundreds of brides-to-be. Within our wedding sector, STEP // Group specializes in modern furniture rentals and event styling. Unfortuantely, we weren't able to show off all our chic pieces, but you can find all of it on our website! For those of you who couldn't make it out to this bridal show, here's a preview of what you missed:

(Above) Need something different that will be a "hit" at your wedding? How about a popcorn bar? We'll take care of everything from the popcorn to the mix-ins and from the bar to the jars. This pop-up bar doesn't necessarily have to be used for a popcorn bar, you could display other salty and sweet treats and decorate it as you wish!

(Above) Some suggestions for this multi-purpose ivory shelfing unit include: floral, photo frames, candle/votives, small treats (cupcakes, cookies, finger foods, etc.), or a combination of these. You can also place items on top of the shelf. We placed a TV on top for the Idea Show to display a presentation of our event rentals. You may want to take that idea and show a slideshow of you and your significant other's

photos. The shelfing unit can be placed both as a 4x2 (as shown) or a 2x4 to fit your space.

(Above) On the left, you see a rustic wooden charging station with floral accents to give it some style. Anymore, charging stations have become a necessity with family and friends taking several photos on their phones throughout the day, considering their devices are dead by the time the reception begins. On the right, you see the modern-style gold tables that can be used as small accents or to set the ambiance.

(Above) How fun are these? Let us customize or monogram throw pillows to make your lounge areas even more unique!

You can find more photos and information on our website and Facebook page! Don't forget to follow us on instagram!

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